Story Types

There are many types of saucy stories and passionate books… so what kind does Temptation Tales offer? Well, we aim to release tales leaning toward the naughty variety! But even so, there are many different sorts of such stories. Below, we will outline a bit about our classifications and publishing goals:

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What is Erotic Romance?

As you may know by now, dear reader, stories that are both romantic and sexually stimulating in their primary content are classified as Erotic Romance or Romantic Erotica. And the objective of these stories, despite their basic titillation factor, is to dismantle the standard misconception that a woman’s need for sexual gratification as much as a man makes her a person of loose principles. These stories also serve to illustrate to the reader that a woman’s sexual needs and actions are as genuine, constructive, and beautiful as anything else she does.

The most important and integral element of Erotic Romance is the personal growth and evolution of the protagonist, mainly female, as the actions and thoughts of the character contribute mainly to the sexual tension of the story from the beginning to the end. And as any story in general, the character makes a connection with the reader as she tries to overcome any and all odds by her own efforts to achieve her intended goals.

Generally the heroine of these stories is preferred to be adventurous and at the same time have a definitive resistant quality. She doesn’t give in to the object of her fascination from the get go, no, she plays along, until she has him where she wants him. Well, of course she wants him any way possible, but it’s even better to give the otherwise strong male character a run for his money, so to speak.

So it is acceptable then to conclude, dear reader, that Erotic Romance in general, serves more to empower the woman of today than to objectify or humiliate her.


What makes Erotic Romance so popular?

Ever since humans learned to communicate coherently, one of the primary topics of discussion has had to be sex. And with the advent of written word, the subject of sex found a wider reach and audience through the various forms of literature that evolved through the ages.

In this day and age, of course, that written word is distributed at the speed of light rippling through fiber-optic cables. At the touch of a button, anyone can access anything that’s made available from any corner of the globe, and nothing sells better than sex. Gone are the days when reading material as conspicuous as erotica had to be taken pleasure in discreetly in the privacy of one’s darkened hiding hole. With the modernized gadgets of today’s advanced lifestyle, one can literally say, ‘the world is my oyster’.

With access to something that was already quite inconspicuously popular, the odds of Erotic Romance as being a hushity hush subject are almost down to zero. Imagine reading all this titillating stuff on a private hand held device while cooking up dinner, or in front of the television, or even on a quiet afternoon outdoors. Now this is just the medium that allows the so called forbidden subject to be easily accessed. To be popular, the subject has to garner the interest. And by Jove, has it ever.

The art form allows the reader an escape from reality, to know of and experience things that otherwise they would never have, nor want to have. Imagine the thrill of getting lost in the throes of ecstasy in the arms of a dream lover, and not once, but time and time again. What is the most sensuous and sexually stimulated organ one possesses? The brain! The mind that makes us what we are and sets us apart from all other life forms. And nothing stimulates the brain more than what the body needs, be it in a medium of thought, and more so in the form of the literature easily available as Erotic Romance.


What defines Erotic Romance Stories as Erotic?


The element of explicit sexual content of course. Romance is interesting enough in itself, and the Erotica factor takes the reader even deeper into the realm of simulated satisfaction. The Erotic constituent in Romance stories come in several sub-stages and levels, depending on the market they cater to.

While the most popular are stories that generally feature a strong female lead character with an alpha male as her person of interest, others which feature multiple encounters and partners are also quite well received. Sub-genres range from as far as Science Fiction to Paranormal and Fantasy, Historical (Regency, Medieval, etc) to Present day; and also on varying fetishes and persuasions, such as age difference, gangbang, taboo(bondage, discipline, domination, etc) to name a few.

The content of these stories are measured on several levels defined by heat, as in the amount to sexual activity and overall explicit nature of the narration. This is done usually in numbers from one to five; one being of mild and suggestive nature, rising gradually to five where nothing is left to the imagination of the reader. The other factor is the ratio of story to sex, where mild defines a lot more story and tension building up to the one explosive climax scene; medium has the ratio at fifty-fifty with more than one sexual encounter; and finally the ‘all out, no holds’ storyline where sex alone drives the story featuring multiple detailed and descriptive encounters with little breaks of story stitching it all together.

Overall, Erotic Romance offers something for everyone, making it one of the most popular forms of adult entertainment out there.


Why reading Erotic Romance is so much better than viewing


Erotic Romance is just as entertaining as any other form of literature, if not more. And as any avid reader will concur, reading is a much better way of enjoying something as opposed to viewing.

When you read, you make a direct connection to the writer, the original purveyor of the material. The words you interpret formulate images in your mind, by you and for you alone. You make your own elucidation of what the writer has laid out before you, unfiltered and unadulterated.

That does not happen when you view something, be it a movie, a news reel, a cartoon and even an explicit adult video. What you see is someone else’s interpretation of the writings, making it a second hand experience for you. When reading something, especially Romance or Erotic Romance, you make a connection that is unique and special to you alone.  You are not seeing an enactment before you, or an exaggerated drama of actions; instead you are creating your own world, your own universe of everything that the writer is telling you across the seamlessness of time and space with no interference in between.

When you read you are in complete control of what you want and need, and when you read Erotic Romance, your imagination gives you the freedom of limitless experience.