Under the Baron’s Control…


Disciplining His Little Lass…


In a bygone time where men demand discipline and women are given few rights – youthful, untouched, and beautiful Lady Morgana Moress finds herself being shipped off for obedience training after publicly humiliating her father one too many times…

The innocent lass doesn’t know it yet, but the rickety carriage she finds herself tossed in is being sent to the home of an older, mysterious man, one known simply as Baron Broodclaw.

A rich and handsome fellow, living in a secluded manor on the outskirts of a dark forest, who believes there is nothing his stern hand, along with Lady Morgana’s pureness, and some red-hot discipline can’t remedy…

It will be her first time ever experiencing such a wanton encounter… and not one she is likely to forget! But will the ill-mannered girl allow herself to be tamed by his strict methods?

This story is a bit lengthier, but still very smut-laden and contains many pages of erotic pleasures!

Available for Free with Kindle Unlimited or to Buy On Amazon

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